Dear (future) Customer,

Even the most enthusiastic internet addict likes to discover who is active behind a web site. Please allow me to briefly introduce myself.

My professional education is that of a Business Lawyer who graduated with the highest honours of the Brussels University and who was Teaching Assistant at such University. However, after four years as a Lawyer in a major business law firm, I decided to live for and from my passion and consequently dedicated myself to the world of (important) pre-owned watches.

The least I could say is that I do not have any regret!

This industry is indeed very particular and developing very quickly.

Very particular because it is the scene of many hustles, scams, fraud be it via internet or not (and for bigger and bigger amounts), what strengthens the position of reliable and reputated players.

Quickly developing since people tend to realize that it is often more interesting to buy a pre-owned watch for several reasons:

  • the price, of course;
  • the fact that many vintage watches appreciate in value => great investment
  • the fact that a properly worn watch does not get damaged or used, inversely to a car for instance;
  • the up to one year guarantee offered on our watches and the unequalled after sale service;
  • on a more spiritual note, buying a watch that carries a life, brings an experience, has a "spirit"  tells a story, presents a patina which renders it "unique" as opposed to buying a mass-production soulness item (for a heavy money but with light value) pretending to be "luxurious" but which in reality are just random commodities.

This is so true that the conglomerates owing the big brands (Richemont, SwatchGroup, LVMH...) are now trying to penetrate the pre-owned watch industry...after decades of trying to undermine it.

I am not an official agent, dealer, representative whatsoever of any brand/conglomerate what provides me a total freedom and an independence, impartiality that guarantees you an non-orientated advise, or rather oriented towards your interests (and yours serve mine, we are on the same boat here).

My stores are  based in Brussels, Luxembourg, Paris and Ibiza and constitute the one and only "multi-national" of the Industry.

I travel the globe constantly on the hunt for the nicest, most interesting watches. i therefore entertain and maintain a strong network of correspondants and i tend to have "eyes" and "ears" everywhere what enables me to be - generally or even systematically - at the source of the latest intel, info, trends, novelties.

Being a trans-national organisation is a continuous challenge but this enables me to give you a global service/expertise/comprehension and a key advantage to edge this "rock 'n' rolling" market.

Finally, I would like to share with you a few quote which describe well our philosophy at Le Collection'Heure

"No deal is more important than our reputation"
"It takes 10 years to build a reputation and 10 minutes to loose it"
"It is easier and wiser to earn 10 times 500 than one time 5000"
"The real boss of our Company is the Client because he can fire us all by electing to spend his money elsewhere"
"Buy the dealer, not the watch"
"The watch you saw today, and want to think about tonight will be sold tomorrow to the people who saw it yesterday and thought about it last night ! "

Looking forward to deal with you,

Antoine Rauis