Investing in watches?

Financial markets crisis, real estate collapse, failure of the Nation States and of the European Union, massive monetary emission and its corresponding high inflation...

The crisis we are facing today is - according to most experts - much stronger than the one of 2008 which had already gave birth to a new type of diversification strategy of investments in tangible assets such as (gold of course) paintings, classic cars, wine and vintage watches.

Those tangible assets are safe heaven investments and great anti-inflation instruments.

What makes the watch investment stand out consists in its incredibile appreciation potential while being very stable (and hence, safe).

There is indeed a limited number of collectors pieces avaiblabe (the Supply) while the number of collectors (the Demand) keeps on increasing every day, thus driving prices upwards.

This market is global and transparent, with no predominant nor absent "zone" or "currency", the risk being geo-politically well spread around the world and not exposed to currency exchange fluctuation (the market is so global prices in local currencies auto-adjust to the world standards).

In the last years, some important "watchfunds" were set up accross the globe.

If we look at the value of the iconic watches, not a single model has depreciated in the last 10 years while some "stars" have seen their value increased by 1000%.

Another huge advantage : no complicated storage/repair/insurance (cars, paintings, wine...), no "asset management fees", no "conveyancing costs", no "brokerage fees", no regulator, no registration, no government agency involved etc etc

Not to mention that correctly used watches do not depreciate/degenerate/break (cars, wine, ...).

Simple as buying gold, with the bonus of entertaining yourself and without the geo-political risk.

 Of course, you need a trustworthy player to assist you in your watch investments and we will be delighted to assist you in this journey. Our more than 20 years in the business will be the key of your success.

Antoine Rauis

  • Founding Chairman of  the "International Collectors Watch Dealers Federation"
  • Expert to Insurance Companies and the Police
  • Chrono 24 Trusted Seller since the foundation of Chrono24
  • Active member of the 'International Jewerlry & Watch Guild (U.S.A)
  • Active member of the 'European Watch Trader Association